A website is probably the most important tool a business can have in their marketing toolbox.

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JasmineDesign Web Development

We believe that a website should be user friendly, accessible to the widest audience, optimised for performance and available to your users to views on any device.

A Website is also a vital employee in any modern business, as it works 24 hours everyday of the year to promote your brand or service.

Plus your website might be a customers first, or maybe only contact with you, so the user experience of your website is crucial for your company's impact on that customer.

Website Design And Development Services In York

We have a range of web design packages and options to help you:

  • Create a perfect first website for your business.
  • Modernise or update a current website.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Moving to a new platform or converting to a Content Management System.

With many years experience working with websites, we can take initial ideas from design through to development then deployment. To create a tailor-made, responsive website which promotes your business and is user friendly for your online visitors.

Design & Build a Website

We can offer you the whole package from Designing & Building your website. Through to Deploying & Configuring it for you. With ongoing updating or support.

Building a website for your needs from static pages to Content Management System (CMS). Whether it's a company website, blog, e-commerce store or a bit of everything. We can provide a website to suit your needs.

We have MyWebsite (Myws.uk) to explain the options and steps available or contact us with your requirements today.

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Managed Website

Need to free up time to focus on other business tasks?

Let us take care of the website tasks for you. We offer fully managed options to suit your website/business requirements.

View our flexible Managed Website options at JorvikHosting.

JorvikHosting - Your friendly hosting service.

Redesign & Refresh a Website

Could your website do with a new fresh look and feel? Then a redesign is definitely for you.

Maybe you just need a few things refreshed, perhaps a new section or a few pages updated.

See what we can do for you at MyWebsite Redesign.

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Updates & Ongoing Support

Whether you want a small or large content update, a one off or regular updates, we're here to help with a contract that suits your needs.

Control how much support you need with a fixed hours per month contract.

View our flexible Managed Hosting options at JorvikHosting.

JorvikHosting Managed Hosting Service

Website Design Philosophy

We use responsive web design to create websites ensuring they work on multiple devices, from older smartphones to the latest desktop computers and maybe TV's, whilst also supporting multiple browser versions.

We also strive to make websites that are inclusive to all, by designing with accessiblility at the forefront of our minds and design choices.

Our Design Philosophy is one of simplicity, high standards and using the right tools for the job, so there's never any pushing technology because it's the newest toy on the market, rather a question of finding what is the best fit for you, your business and your budget. Whether that's a full Content Management System (CMS) or a Static pages website.

High Performing Websites

It's not just about how your website looks, we ensure every site is optimised for the very best performance and user experience. Which are also factors that search engines like as well for ranking websites.

Process and after care

After discussing your website requirements with you, we will then produce a straightforward proposal for designing, coding and hosting your website. We will also help you organise and plan your website's content and structure, to ensure it's simple to navigate and easy for visitors to find the information they require.

Our involvement does not end here; after launch we can help maintain and update your website. We can also help with search engine optimisation to help you achieve higher Google & Bing rankings, which will drive more traffic to your website!


JasmineDesign what is a website image

I would like a website but I'm not sure where to start? What will I need for my website?

We are often asked these questions, so to help we put together a brief description of What is a Website and what you will need for starters. We had feedback telling us its a great way to understand the common terms around website and hosting.

Build & Publish a website in the browser

Build a website in your web browser using github.dev which is stored on GitHub and configure static hosting to host it.

Open JasmineWS.uk to get started. Two templates are available.

Creative Design

Fiddle and Fettle Creative Design

JasmineDesign enjoys working alongside Fiddle & Fettle for creative design and site layout design.

For information on how to get talking to Fiddle & Fettle for your next project. Please see our Creative Design page.

Please feel free to contact us today with any questions you may have or to get started using our services.

Lets Work Together

We are here to help, lets get your project started today.

Get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

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See how we can start working together to deliver the best turn around for your customers.


Keep your website secure, backed up and making you money.

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Our services don't just end after the launch of your website, we also offer continual help with our Aftercare Packages from the essentials such as keeping it secure and backed up, to monthly reports and improvements. With our help we'll make sure your website is always progressing.

We offer monthly Aftercare for keeping your site secure, updated, and optimised for conversion.

No matter what your current requirements are we have it covered. We have a range of monthly Aftercare Packages to choose from with no lengthy contracts, plus an upgrade option at any time.

Exclusively for websites that we design and launch, we offer for a 30 day period where we will fix any bugs that occur after your website goes live. This does not include any further additional work to the site.

Whatever your needs, we've got you covered.


As well as our monthly Aftercare Packages we also offer support on an hourly basis.

Whatever your support issue, we're here to help resolve it. You'll never feel out of your depth or left in the dark with JasmineDesign.

We understand that every business is different. That's why we offer a range of support and management packages all custom-designed to reflect your exact requirements.

Support Hours

All our support team are based here in York, England so our core hours of support are between 9.30am - 6pm (BST / GMT) monday to friday, unless otherwise defined within your support contract.