About JasmineDesign

Here at JasmineDesign we don't just build websites that look pretty! We combine beauty, functionality and accessibility together by using modern methods and technologies.

Our aim is bring technology to business in an easy to understand manner and not leave you with a management problem long term.

But we also understand that technology should not be applied in a one way fits all manner, not all businesses need technology at the same rate or to the same degree, so each project is meticulously planned and designed to fit in with the clients needs.

We always work closely with you to find solutions to any of your business problems. As we believe the client knows their business far better than anybody else (including us).

With this in mind, we encourage open communication with clients through direct access to project information, using our own project management site right from the onset of the project, to make sure you are fully in the picture at all times.

Our job is to listen to the clients brief and objectives, so that real business growth can be delivered.

A website should provide your visitors with a productive and seamless web experience, every time they visit.

On a more personal note meet our MD (Mega Dinosaur) the founder of JasmineDesign who's been around since the dawn of the computer world as we Know it!

Jeremy Hilder has worked in IT for over 20 years, from IT manager in a small business to IT Director of a leading German Multinational Company. His skills span design, programming and project management. He also has the hands on knowledge to plan, implement and run projects/systems from in-house business system applications to MRP & ERP Systems.

Jeremy says My key interest has always been with web technologies starting with HTML then moving onto ASP & PHP.

However with the release of Microsoft .Net platform, I have specialised in ASP.NET since its beta form prior to its official release in 2002, and ASP.NET MVC since its release in 2007 as a CTP before its official release in 2009.

Today I am keenly following the progress of a few new Microsoft products, like Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio Online "Monaco", Typescript, Visual Studio Team Services, ASP.NET Core 5, ASP.NET Razor Pages, Microsoft Azure & Azure Cloud Shell with its new editor support.

But I'm also looking closely at how Node.js can bring real speed & cost saving to businesses, along with other Managed services (Cloud) vendors are offering today.

I am also actively following the great innovations of in-browser coding editors and solutions that are coming onto the market.