A quick overview of JasmineDesign

JasmineDesign is a thriving Web & IT consultancy based in the beautiful historical city of York. Although we are able to provide services to clients throughout the UK and around the world.

We provide Web Development for a full range of clients from sole traders up to large corporate companies. We view that no job is too large or small, but all jobs are completed to the same professional standard.

By using the latest technologies, we strive to produce solutions for our clients that not only work today but also tomorrow. We know business and web technologies develop so fast these days and keeping up with the latest trends can be a worry. But we believe and understand that technology should not be applied in a one size fits all manner, as not all businesses need new technology at the same rate or to the same degree. Our belief is no technology just for the sake of it, unless it adds value.

In essence we don’t just plan to your current needs, but we look how you can integrate and expand your site for tomorrow as your business needs grow. This doesn't mean we’ll sell you what you don't need, leaving you with a bill that makes you say ouch! But if and when you do need to expand, you’ll have the capability to do so, without the headache of starting again from scratch.

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