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MinsterCMS is our in-house written Content Management System which provides a core platform to JasmineDesign's Managed website range which will be released soon.

We are actively working to release a MinsterCMS Headless version, along with a version to support Static Site Deployment.

We currently have versions of MinsterCMS written to support PHP, ASP.NET Core & Nodejs with a wide range of databases supported also.

Url: minstercms.ukTwitter: @minstercms


JorvikHosting - Your friendly hosting service.

Our Fully Managed Web & Email Hosting gives you that piece of mind knowing that your website is running and available for your customers. Allowing you to focus on running your business without the daily configuration tasks that your Website & Email needs.

This service is only currently available to our Website, Managed Websites and GuestWeb customers today.


JorvikMonitor - Intuitive and affordable Website monitoring.

JorvikMonitor is an online service that checks your website's status by periodically sending an HTTP request to the URL of your choice. It then notifies you by email when your website is not responding correctly after first confirming the downtime from the other locations. It also monitors for renewal dates of your SSL and Domain, sending you email to make sure you are a where of the forth coming renewal.

Launching in 2019


yorkITnet - Small Businees cloud guide

Putting your business in the Clouds.

Yorkit.net is here to guide you through the world of Cloud computing and services from a small business owners point of view.

Url: yorkit.netTwitter: @yorkitnet


SimpleRooms Booking Api

SimpleRooms is a range of Api's for Accommodation providers, from Guest Houses to Hotels enabling the online management of

  • Availability
  • Bookings
  • Guests
  • Reviews

Launching in 2019 our Available2 Book product from SimpleRooms which includes online availability with room booking features and a few more secret features which will be announced soon.

Url: simplerooms.ukTwitter: @simplerooms


Websites for Accommodation Owners

GuestWeb is our Web Package tailored for Accommodation Owners.

A custom built website with availability and reservation system integration providing full support for all modern browsers and Mobile users.

Also available Fully Managed Hosting and long term support packages.

Url: guestweb.ukTwitter: @guestweb


JorvikWeb - Website building step by step

Website building step by step.

Your website step by step, choose a template, customise the photos, choose your brand colours, add your information, and then publish it to your domain name.

Launching in 2019

Url: jorvikweb.co.ukTwitter: @jorvikweb


JorvikPage - Modern Static Hosting

A Modern Static Hosting solution.

JorvikPage will make it really simple to roll out simple web pages or sites with full support of a CDN and a simple deployment model.

Launching in 2019

Url: jorvikpage.ukTwitter: @jorvikpage


JovikCloud - Develop in the Cloud

Develop in the Cloud

We will be taking the covers off this project very soon.

A behind the scenes view: Built using TypeScript. From the portal you will be using Containers, Monaco, Functions and some Clouds.

Launching in 2019


DevOpsYork - Coming soon

Manage, Deploy and Monitor your code.

Launching in 2019

Url: devopsyork.ukTwitter: @devopsyork

Websites for Accommodation Owners


Websites for accommodation providers

GuestWeb Demo Websites

Dovecote Lodge

Our spec was a 7 bed rural Guesthouse in the Howardian Hills wanting a mobile friendly modern website to really give its customers a welcoming taste of its property and its history along with a insight into its services and local area.

We delivered a hand written mobile first website that we feel covers this ideally with large text panels and hand drawn artwork.


Our spec was a 6 bed city Guesthouse in York wanting a mobile friendly minimal modern website to really give its customers a welcoming taste of its property, services and local area.

We delivered a hand written mobile first website and art work that we feel covers this ideally with its small snippets of text and minimal images.