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Areas we are working on – Last updated

Product & Services

  • We have started to release more information about our new product ImgFunction that makes managing Images, Image Storage and CDN straight forward.
  • We have released a site that over time will explain StaticPage websites it will outline how to build one and the options and choices available across the Cloud vendors.
  • We are planning to release a number of new packages and options for websites soon.
  • Small changes to a website can make a huge difference in how users see your site, but how do you find and test these changes. Answers coming soon.

Research & Development

  • We have started to build a lite version of MinsterCMS this will allow you to add it to an existing website to edit the whole or part of the site.
  • We are adding a ASP.NET .NET 8.0 to our MinsterCMS range, along with Headless CMS support to all versions.
  • We are in the late stages of beta testing a Cloud first hosted version of MinsterCMS Headless, more details to be released soon. We are currently writing some front-end examples showing how to use the api's.
  • We are updating the PHP version of MinsterCMS to make full use of PHP 8.3 which has just been released.
  • We have started to build a few prototypes with Blazor WebAssembly and Blazor Server for our website tooling and control panel. With the aim to provide a richer client side experience for our customers. We are continuing this month as we hope to be able to ship updated tooling and hope to write a little about our findings working with Blazor.
  • We are planning to release a number of options for Jamstack websites, which is a modern web development architecture that allow you to create fast and secure sites and dynamic apps with JavaScript, APIs, and prerendered Markup, served without web servers.
  • We are starting to look for a lightweight, cookieless and privacy-friendly website analytics package that can ideally be hosted in the UK.
  • We are going to write about some of the areas that Microsoft Power Automate & Azure Functions can bring value to your company, for very little work on your part.
  • We will be carrying on our server config project from the last few months, as testing has shown us some major improvements.
  • We are looking at containers to see what benefits they can bring to our products and help with the building of them by providing a stable development working environment that are fully repeatable. These spec's could be very useful for White Label development and hand over.
  • We are looking into how we could use DevOps to deliver faster White Label code along with containers using simple reliable tools for continuous delivery and deployment.
  • We are looking at ways to deploy and manage .NET 8.0 and ASP.NET within the Linux world.
  • We will be carrying on with our new tooling for our static sites which has really taken shape and has shown us great time savings and great rebuild results, currently based around npm run, a template engine and some custom code.
  • We are updating a number of our internal projects to TypeScript 5.4 now that it has been released.

Our Websites & Company

  • We are looking to provide better cross site links to topics across our co.uk & .com content and the other JasmineDesign sites.

Please remember we are always interested in Feedback, so what would you like to read about on here? Let us know.

JasmineDesign Open sign

Build & Publish a website in the browser

Build a website in your web browser using github.dev which is stored on GitHub and configure static hosting to host it.

Open JasmineWS.uk to get started. Two templates are available.

We have a number of new sections & features planned.

We will release more information as the features are nearing release to the website.

Functions & Serverless

Cloud functions within the serverless landscape.

CDN - Content Delivery Network

We are working on a number of new pages covering setting up & working with CDN's & Image CDN's

VS Code

We have been enjoying working with Visual Studio Code & TypeScript on a number of new projects.

VS Code seems to be where we spend most of day, whether this be on the web or on the desktop.

We have been keeping some notes and tips and have pages about VS Code, VSCode.dev, GitHub Codespaces and GitHub.dev.

We have released a guide on getting started building a website with GitHub.dev and GitHub which also covers VS Code Snippets, Shortcuts and recommend extensions.


Azure articles covering Websites, VM, Data storage, CDN and App Insights. - coming soon.

Released on jasminedesign.com/azure/ pages.

Working with Azure DevOps - TFS, GIT, Build services, Continuous Integration & The Monaco Editor.

Released on jasminedesign.com/vso/ pages.

ASP.Net & ASP.NET Core

We have been enjoying working with ASP.NET Web Pages (Razor) and Azure.

We have a number of ASP.NET articles coming soon.

We will be covering the cross platform use of ASP.NET Core.

Released on jasminedesign.com/aspnet/ & jasminedesign.com/aspnet/core/ pages.

Cloud Server's

Guides covering setting up and using servers from the cloud. Using an Amazon EC2 Server, Azure, DigitalOcean and other services.

Released on jasminedesign.com/cloud/ pages.


Lots of new stuff coming soon.

Released on jasminedesign.com/nodejs/ pages.

JavaScript Frameworks

So much is happening in this space at the moment, some great articles to release very soon.

Released on jasminedesign.com/javascript/ pages.


HTML & CSS articles coming soon.

Released on jasminedesign.com/html/ pages.

Released on jasminedesign.com/css/ pages.

We are also working on sections covering:

  • Online Development Tools / IDEs
  • Version Control
  • Website Testing
  • Automated Testing & Deployment