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In this time of uncertainty and unprecedented challenges for the whole world, my thoughts are with our customers and partners as they have to adapt, and how quickly we've come to terms with new and different ways of living and working.

As more companies are moving to remote working so that they can continue to provide the same level of service and support to their customers. We are committed to keeping you connected and our services up and running so your online business can remain open, enabling you to reach your customers and so they may also reach you.

Our support is available to help you keep your web services running, Please use our contact form to get stated.

Please remember we are always interested in Feedback, So what would you like to read about on here? Let us know.

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We have a number of new sections & features planned.

We will release more information as the features are nearing release to the website.

Some of the area's we are working on are:

Functions & Serverless

Cloud functions within the serverless landscape.

Visual Studio Code

We have been enjoying working with Visual Studio Code & TypeScript on a number of new projects.

We plan to release some guide's on getting started, working with, tips and tricks plus templates and code samples.

So keep an eye on the jasminedesign.com/vscode/ section.


Azure articles covering Websites, VM, Data storage, CDN and App Insights. - coming soon.

So keep an eye on the jasminedesign.com/azure/ section.

Working with Azure DevOps - TFS, GIT, Build services, Continuous Integration & The Monaco Editor.

So keep an eye on the jasminedesign.com/vso/ section.

ASP.Net Ver 4.8 & ASP.NET Core 3.1

We have been enjoying working with ASP.NET Web Pages(Razor) and Azure.

We have a number of ASP.NET articles coming soon.

We will be covering the cross platform use of ASP.NET Core.

So keep an eye on the jasminedesign.com/aspnet/core/ section.


MVC 5 & Razor articles coming soon.

So keep an eye on the jasminedesign.com/aspnet/ section.

Cloud Server's

Guides covering setting up and using servers from the cloud. Using an Amazon EC2 Server, Azure, DigitalOcean and other services.

So keep an eye on the jasminedesign.com/cloud/ section.


Lots of new stuff coming soon.

So keep an eye on the jasminedesign.com/nodejs/ section.

JavaScript Frameworks

So much is happening in this space at the moment, some great articles to release very soon.

So keep an eye on the jasminedesign.com/javascript/ section.


HTML articles coming soon.

So keep an eye on the jasminedesign.com/html/ section.

So keep an eye on the jasminedesign.com/css/ section.

We are also working on sections covering:

  • Visual Studio 2019.
  • Version Control.
  • Website Testing.