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An insight into JasmineDesign in 2023

Happy Christmas & Happy New Year

Christmas Tree JasmineDesign

JasmineDesign will be on holiday from the 19 December until the 2 January 2024

Support will still be available to our customers over the Holiday.

I would like to thank every customer of JasmineDesign also everyone that has interacted with us online in 2023.

Our focus for April –

The last few weeks we have been publishing more about StaticPages and Jamstack but we still have so much more content to release in the coming months.

We have completed a refresh for JasmineDev.co.uk our site where we focus on our ongoing web research topics. We will still highlight current topics on this page but more details will be available on JasmineDev.co.uk

This month we are firmly focused on the display of images within a website and how far modern CSS can take us with a fall back to Javascript for any features we still need to support.

JasmineWS –

We are very happy to release the JasmineWS website and two templates on GitHub. Its been a really fun project to explore how to build a website in the browser and gently guide someone into being able to use GitHub. I would like to thank everyone that has provided us feedback so far.

Still lots more to look into in this area, we will keep the roadmap updated as we cover more features.

In other areas we are currently looking into how small Business Owners with a little web knowledge can update their content and images on StaticPage websites and not be tied to a web builder product or platform.

JasmineWS –

We have been making good progress towards releasing the templates and first major part of the tutorials on JasmineWS.uk

I would like to thank everyone that has provided us feedback so far, this has been really useful.

We are just a few pages away from starting the final testing before we release the project.

Welcome to 2023 & Our first Open Source project –

We have built a guide that walks you through building a website that includes an introduction to working with GitHub.

One of the great things about the web is seeing the results of what you build in real time.

A low barrier of entry was very important to us in this project, so all you need is a free GitHub account, Web Browser and an internet connection and you will be able to follow along on Chromebooks, MAC OS or Windows.

We are very close to launching two HTML & CSS templates which are released under a MIT license.

We will be releasing more information over the next month here as we release the features of this project.

Please feel free to explore Jasminews.uk for more information and our roadmap.

We have a number of new products and features to release this year but most of them are still under wraps at the moment more on them soon. Though most of them are todo with Building Websites and Online Editors and tooling deployed to Cloud Products.

Plus we will be exploring Chromebooks and web development.

Please remember we are always interested in Feedback, so what would you like to read about on here? Let us know.

Build & Publish a website in the browser

Build a website in your web browser using github.dev which is stored on GitHub and configure static hosting to host it.

Open JasmineWS.uk to get started. Two templates are available.