Developing in the Clouds

Cloud hosted development environments accessible from anywhere

Visual Studio Codespaces

Visual Studio Codespaces used to be called Visual Studio Online.

Visual Studio Codespaces allows you to create a hosted development environment within a container that can be hosted on Azure or in a self managed virtual machine.

This allows your development environment to use the full resources available within Azure and not limited by the type of workstation or tablet you happen to be using.

You only pay for the time you are using these resources for and can set your container environment to shut down after so long of you not using it. Which then means you only pay a small fee for the storage that environment is using. But this environment can easily be restarted when you want to go back to work.

On top of that you can use all of the addin available within Visual Studio Code which are saved to your cloud environment.

You can also make use of Visual Studio Liveshare from within these environments to work and share with others.

Visual Studio Codespaces allows you to work with these environments from Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 2019 or a browser-based editor that's accessible anywhere.

Visual Studio Codespaces (preview) is transitioning to GitHub Codespaces. The current Azure service retired on 17 February 2021.

GitHub Codespaces

GitHub Codespaces allows you to develop entirely in the cloud. Using Codespaces an integrated development environment (IDE) built around Visual Studio Code on GitHub.

GitHub Free or GitHub Pro users can use Codespaces. But Codespaces is currently in limited public beta and Codespaces is free to use during the beta. When Codespaces becomes generally available, you will be billed for storage and compute usage.

You can develop in your Codespace directly in Visual Studio Code. By connecting the Visual Studio Codespaces extension with your account on GitHub or you can use a browser-based editor.

GitHub Codespaces is currently in beta, you can sign up for access

Other Cloud Development Environments

JasmineDesign Development Workspace

Please see our Writing Code at JasmineDesign for a full list of available environments.