Microsoft WebMatrix

Moves to VisualStudio Code

Microsoft WebMatrix makes it easy for anyone to create a new web site.

Start from a built-in template or one of the free popular open source web applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, DotNetuke or Orchard, located in the online Web Applications Gallery.

Customize your site using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web standards.

With WebMatrix you can use ASP.NET Web Pages including a new easy-to-learn programming model called 'Razor', or you can also use PHP or classic ASP.

Publish your site and databases to your hosting provider or choose from a gallery of hosting providers that are compatible with the web site you build or to Microsoft Azure.

WebMatrix is no longer in development by Microsoft.

WebMatrix 3.0 will be the last version released and is no longer being supported for any future bugs or feature releases for the product, which was announced on on the IIS forums by Chris Sfanos.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a good replacement for a light weight editor for daily web editing tasks and is easy to download and install or just open a browser tab and start working with or

We have a sections covering Visual Studio Code & / which cover the features and offers links to good resources to find out more.

VS Code can replace most of the features and functions in WebMatrix, however some areas are not currently well supported, a few of these are

  • Creating & Deploying ASP.NET Web Pages.
  • Working with Databases.
  • Creating new sites from Templates or Gallery.
  • Remote editing.
  • Local web server.

VS Code has Extensions to add more features/functions to the core editor. The above list of tasks can be supported using an extensions.

However the below list of features from WebMatrix can not currently be added.

  • Traffic monitoring.
  • SEO Test & Reporting.

We work with VS Code and its extensions every day along with command line tooling, we will update this page if we find solutions.