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Fully Open Sourced & Cross Platform.

- Saw the launch of .NET Core 1.0 which is Open-sourced & Cross-platform, with a great domain as well

Also released was ASP.NET Core 1.0 which is a new open-sourced & Cross-platform framework (Cross-platform: Runs on Windows, macOS and Linux).

ASP.NET Core 1.0 can run on .NET Core or on the full .NET Framework.

This release also sees a new version of ASP.NET Core MVC in ASP.NET Core which includes support for building web pages and HTTP services in a single aligned framework that can be hosted in IIS or self-hosted in your own process.

The doc's for this release are great, offering full coverage and open source too.

Blog post's

One of the best bits for us of this whole release is if you include Visual Studio Code you have a true cross platform solution. – .NET Core and Visual Studio Code

.NET Core 1.0 runs on Windows, Mac, and several flavors of Linux including RedHat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu.

Another great feature of the site is it's got a really nice place you can try out C# directly in the browser without having to install anything!

C Sharp REPL

The Monaco Editor used here is also the code editor that powers VS Code and many more Microsoft app's it has been released under the MIT License and supports IE 9/10/11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. – Monaco EditorMonaco Editor on GithubMonaco Editor NPM Package

There's also a great C# Tutorial with interactive browser-based tools as well.

ASP.NET Core 1.0 does not have any support for ASP.NET Web Pages, fingers crossed the team will move onto a new release for ASP.NET Web Pages soon.

An interesting thread has started on ASP.NET forums with some questions about the future of ASP.NET Web Pages – Take a read.

New – The ASP.NET team have provided an update on the goals behind the version of Web Pages that will be supported in ASP.NET Core:

It not going to be a Web Pages version 4.0 but a completely new version built on ASP.NET MVC Core but you wont need to know MVC to get started. Maybe called MVC View Pages or View Pages but lots of people already seem to be call them Razor Pages.

New – Mike Brind has written a good overview called asp-net-web-pages-vnext-or-razor-pages

ASP.NET Core 1.0 also does not have any support for ASP.NET Web Forms

You can still continue to build Web Forms & Web Pages sites in Visual Studio 2015 by targeting the framework .NET 4.6. However, Web Forms & Web Pages apps cannot take advantage of the new features of ASP.NET Core 1.0.

One of our key interests that we are looking into at the moment are the ways to deploy and manage ASP.NET Core within the Linux hosting world.

We have found Publish to a Linux Production Environment from the ASP.NET Docs site very helpful.

This page is going to get a lot more content over the next few weeks as we work on our first few deployable projects with ASP.NET Core 1.0.