Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure turns hardware into software that you can control & use from the browser, command line tools or Visual Studio.

The great thing about Microsoft Azure is the choice of services available and you only pay for what you use down to the minute on most services.

No upfront costs. Pay only for what you use.

Which makes it great for testing websites, servers or databases and the same is true if you then want to host said resource in production.

60+ Azure regions, more than any cloud provider.

Azure is a full feature platform with lots of choice:

App Service

Quickly create powerful cloud apps using a fully-managed platform.

Great choice of deployment options onto Windows or Linux OS.

Deploy and run containerized web apps aswell.

Easily setup and securely run your applications at high scale in a fully isolated, compliant, and dedicated environment via an App Service Environment (ASE).

Serverless & Functions

Focus your efforts on your business, not running and managing servers.

Process events with Serverless code. Free your developers to focus on writing code, not managing infrastructure

Virtual Machines

Launch Windows Server and Linux in minutes.

Data + Storage

Database as a service or Storage for files or data.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A fast and modern global delivery network for high-bandwidth content.