Don’t just build a website, Design an online future today.


Whatever kind of website your business needs

Bespoke hand made easy to manage websites. Designed to your individual needs & branding. We are happy to build you a single page or a full website.

By the nature of their design our websites are accessible to people using smart phones due to responsive design.

We believe that it is important to provide a great experience for visitors using mobile devices or any device.

A responsive design will adapt to the resolution of device it’s being shown on and from there, using a more linear stacked design, flow images and content down the screen.

Navigation is designed with touch screens in mind and large design elements such as banners could be removed to make the viewing experience even easier for smaller screens.

  • Web Design
  • Web Site Development
  • Redesign/Realign
  • Website Health Check (MOT)
  • Web Site Management
  • Content management systems
  • WordPress
  • Search Engine Management
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Management
  • Website Backup
  • Virtual Webmaster

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Always Innovating

With more & more services moving online, it allows for even small businesses to automate many of their routine tasks.

Sometimes a project calls for something just a little bit different, like custom integration with other websites or a piece of in-house software. Or it might be an online management system for your business / organisation.

We can develop fast and powerful web applications to your specifications. If you need to interact with your clients or the public online we can build systems to allow you to and even take care of hosting them for you or you can host them on your own web servers.

We are happy to build you a single page, a full class business web application or maybe something in between.

  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Web forms integration
  • Database Design
  • Database Integration
  • Ecommerce
  • Web Debugging
  • Intranet's
  • Extranet's
  • Project Integration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Applications
  • White Label

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We provide plain English solutions to enable your business to make the appropriate use of information technology.

Management & Support

Like a garden your website needs to be cared for to keep it flourishing.

We’re here to help and advise.

Managed Websites

We realise that not everyone wants or needs a website that they can update themselves, so we're here to help take the headache out of updating your site for you.

At JasmineDesign we can completely manage your website, from creation to ongoing maintenance - don't worry about changes you need to make in the future, we're here to help.

As a rule of thumb, if you think that you’ll update your website less than once a week it could be more cost effective to let us update your site after it’s built.

A managed site can be a really cost-effective way to get yourself online, so Get in touch to find out more.

Aftercare Packages

Keep your website secure, backed up and making you money.

From the essentials of keeping it secure and backed up, to monthly reports and improvements. Also making sure your website is always progressing, and your sales growing.

We offer monthly Aftercare Packages for keeping your site secure, updated, and optimised for conversion.

Our packages offer you options to best suit your current requirements with no lengthy contracts. You can also upgrade at any time as your website and business grows.

Plus for a 30 day period after your website goes live, we will fix any bugs that occur. This does not include additional work to the site. (Sites we launch only.)

We also offer Support on an hourly basis as well.


Building strong foundations

Confused? Don’t know who or what to ask or where to turn to. We can help.

We don’t just understand digital, we spend time looking for new ways to make it work better.

Whether you're managing business change or starting from scratch, making sure the foundations of your website are solid can provide the crucial peace of mind that allows you to plan for the long term. We develop websites that generate leads, sell products, streamline processes and sit at the heart of business infrastructure.

  • Project Review
  • Project Rescue
  • Backup Plan's
  • Feasibility study's
  • Technology prototype's
  • Cloud prototype's
  • Development
  • Project Integration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Applications

If you haven't found an exact fit to you problem then feel free to Contact Us I'm sure we can help.

More about our Consulting Services

A quick overview of JasmineDesign

JasmineDesign is a thriving IT & Web consultancy based in the beautiful and historical city of York, although we provide services to clients throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

We provide consultancy services for a full range of clients from sole-trades up to large corporate companies, we view that no job is too large or small but all completed to the same professional standard.

By using the latest technologies we strive to produce websites for our clients that not only work today but also tomorrow. We know business technologies develop so fast these days and keeping up with the latest trends can be a worry, but we believe and understand that technology should not be applied in a one size fits all manner, not all businesses need technology at the same rate or to the same degree. No technology just for the sake of it.

In essence we don’t just plan to your current needs, but we look how you can integrate and expand your site for tomorrow as your business needs grow. This doesn't mean we’ll sell you what you don't need, leaving you with a bill that makes you say ouch! But if and when you do need to expand you’ll have the capability to do so, without the headache of starting again from scratch.

For more information on JasmineDesign please see our About page.